We reinforce our primary goal daily

To provide personal care along with tailor-made services for each of our Clients’ properties – cost-efficiently and at the highest quality. The marginal functions of your business are our main tasks. In all areas of building maintenance, we offer comprehensive and coordinated services from a single source.

Our consultant team, in partnership with you, develops an optimal concept for the solution of all tasks. Based on a detailed needs analysis for your building, the appropriate services are selected from the TiamaT Inc. service range. Our professional staff is responsible for the specific implementation of the concept in practice. However, we are not only concentrating on what is required today, but we are also always looking ahead. All services are regularly checked and optimized so that we can offer you current and long-term solutions.

The story of TiamaT Inc.

The history of TiamaT Inc. dates back to 2007 in Germany. After two years of cleaning experience, and at the age of 27, I opened my first professional company – Orion Cleaning Service. With time and hard work, the company expanded and established itself among the business clients in the city. By the middle of 2010, I had eight full-time employees. At that point, the company had a variety of clients, which included business office buildings, daycare facilities, a private clinic with attached physical medicine and rehabilitation center, as well as Aldi grocery stores and several condo associations.

As the company grew, I saw the need in the market for a company, who can offer more than cleaning to our business clients. In 2014 I founded Expert Facility Network, a company that can develop a network of services to meet all of the needs of a business client. That includes not only its cleaning and janitorial services but any other maintenance service, from building repairs to pluming services and landscaping, in collaboration with businesses from those specific areas. The goal was to give the business clients peace of mind that their daily business needs will be met so they can focus their attention on generating revenue rather than waste time to shop around for qualified and reliable companies to handle those needs.

During September 2015 I met my wife and moved to the United States.

I decided to continue my company here under the name of TiamaT Inc, which provides full commercial cleaning service for business clients in a variety of sizes and industries. The company meets each client's specific needs and designs a cleaning schedule to accommodate them.

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