Medical Facilities Cleaning
The patient expectation of a medical office is extraordinarily high.
They expect a comfortable environment that is not only clean but almost sterile. An office that reflects the attention to detail and level of care that your physicians provide. Nothing should stand in the way of your patient’s expectation.

Don’t lose sight of the details.
We know the patient experience starts the moment they walk into your waiting room. What do they see? At TiamaT Inc, we work with several medical facilities and understand that the details ensure a positive impression of your office. You will know that the waiting area, exam rooms, and washrooms are thoroughly cleaned with the attention to detail that your patient expects.

Our experience in cleaning medical facilities is extensive.
Cleaning a medical facility is different than cleaning an office building. We understand the trouble areas that only come with experience, and we have that experience. Here are some specific areas we address when cleaning medical facilities:
  • Exam Rooms – tables and desks are sanitized
  • Restrooms – sinks and toilets are sanitized; paper towels are filled, trash is emptied
  • Lab – counters, and floors are sanitized
  • Production Floor – aisles are machine scrubbed; the area is cleared of unwanted debris
  • Back Office – floors are thoroughly vacuumed; desks and tables are sanitized
  • Patient Waiting Room – reception counter is sanitized; floors are vacuumed and spot cleaned
Schedule a consultation to outline your needs.
Every medical facility is different. The size, layout, traffic patterns, and the overall use can vary from one facility to the next. Our experts at TiamaT Inc evaluate your facility to provide you with a realistic estimate based upon your individual needs. We walk through the facility with you to outline areas of concern, provide options, and most importantly, ensure that you are getting the service that is right for you.