Educational Facilities Cleaning
Your community expects a safe and clean environment when sending their students to school.
An environment that keeps them healthy and instills pride in the community, an ambient that reflects the quality of education that your school provides your students every day. Nothing should get in the way of keeping your students safe and proud.

Don’t lose their school pride.
We know that pride starts the moment they walk through the school door. What do they see? At TiamaT Inc, we work with several schools and understand the importance of using safe products. We ensure that the floors throughout the building are thoroughly cleaned and locker rooms and cafeterias are sanitized to reflect the quality that your community expects. 

Our experience in cleaning schools is extensive.
Cleaning a school is different than cleaning an office building. We understand the trouble areas that only come with experience, and we have that experience. Here are some specific areas we address when cleaning schools:
  • Classrooms – desks, tables, and whiteboards are cleaned and prepared for the next day
  • Cafeteria – lunchroom table and counters are sterilized; floors are sanitized
  • Hallways – floors are polished; trophy cases are spotless
  • Restrooms – sinks and toilets are disinfected; paper towels are filled, trash is emptied
  • Gymnasium – dust mopped and spot cleaned
  • Locker Rooms – floors, benches, and lockers are sanitized; showers and restrooms are sanitized
Schedule a consultation to outline your needs.
Every school is different. The number of students, traffic patterns, and overall use can vary from one school to the next. Our experts at TiamaT Inc evaluate your facility to provide you with a realistic estimate based upon your individual needs. We walk through the school with you to outline areas of concern, provide options, and most importantly, ensure that you are getting the service that is right for you.