Corporate Janitorial Services – TiamaT Inc.

Corporate Janitorial Services

Office & Manufacturing

You take pride in your company. Pride in the products and services that you work on every day. Pride in the work environment that you work in every day. An environment that shows confidence in your organization and is treated with the same care that you provide your customers with every day. Nothing should stand in the way of that company pride and confidence
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Office & Manufacturing Cleaning

Financial Institutions Cleaning

Financial Institutions

Your firm is successful because of its prestige. You have developed a reputation for being a reliable and reputable institution. Customers and investors come to you because they feel it’s a safe and prestigious environment. Nothing should stand in the way of that perception.
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Medical Facilities

The patient expectation of a medical office is extraordinarily high. They expect a comfortable environment that is not only clean, but almost sterile. An office that reflects the attention to detail and level of care that your physicians provide. Nothing should stand in the way of your patient’s expectation.
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Medical Facilities Cleaning

Educational Facilities Cleaning

Educational Facilities

Your community expects a safe and clean environment when sending their students to school. An environment that keeps them healthy and instills pride in the community. One that reflects the quality of education that your school provides your students every day. Nothing should get in the way of keeping your students safe and proud.
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Apartment Buildings

The first impression of your property will be gained by your customers, tenants or guests in the stairwell. Staircases are the most stressed areas of the entire building. The offer of TiamaT Inc also includes the professional cleaning of the stairwell, also known as stairwell cleaning or house floor cleaning.
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Condo Associations